World Socialist Web Site 23 Mar, 2021 05:45 am

Stalinists, far right support new bourgeois coalition in the Philippines

Stalinists, far right support new bourgeois coalition in the Philippines
The fundamental concern of 1Sambayan is to bring Philippine foreign policy back into camp of the United States, reversing Duterte’s orientation of the country’s ties toward Beijing.

The elite opposition, organized in the Liberal Party and headed by Vice President Leni Robredo, suffered a devastating defeat in 2019, marking the first time in the country’s history that opposition candidates failed to secure a single senatorial seat in the midterm elections.An opinion piece in the influential Business World indicated the perspective of the capitalist interests behind the formation of 1Sambayan: “I feel betrayed by the Liberal Party (LP).In this manner Duterte has secured the support of an unprecedented super-majority in the Philippine legislature, which includes a number of defectors from the Liberal Party in its ranks.One of the organizations that emerged out of the RJ forces, Akbayan, has effectively merged with the Liberal Party, and is one of the driving forces behind the formation of 1Sambayan.

It articulates the interests of layers of the capitalist class in the Philippines whose economic and political orientation is to Washington.The rival parties were fighting to retain control over their mass membership, for this is the constituency that they bring to the alliances that they form with the capitalist class.

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