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Sparks 45, ready to rule

Sparks 45, ready to rule
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E, GTI, Lee McHoney, Indigo Saint, Kinah The Music, Lord Skeelz, Seven Mzistozz, J Dumza, JellyfromtheB, BDY and Brucella to name a few.On the EP, Sparks 45  collaborated with the late Cal_Vin, RPeels, JellyfromtheB, Asaph, BDY, CushTheKid and Lee McHoney.“I remember this other time Uno telling me to start making beats but I didn’t want to cause I had tried making beats a few years ago and the end product was not so good.I didn’t want to be just a rapper.

“I was patient with what I was doing and I became better with time.“I was patient and I became better with time.

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