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Spain celebrates Chinese New Year with grand parade--China Economic Net

Latest News Spain celebrates Chinese New Year with grand parade Last Updated: 2023-01-23 09:46 | p p p After three years hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional Chinese New Year Grand Parade returned on Sunday in Madrid, celebrating the arrival of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit.Main offices of the Madrid City Hall was also lighted in red on Sunday to celebrate the Chinese New Year."The rabbit is among the luckiest Chinese zodiac signs," Victor Lopez, a local resident, told Xinhua, adding the event was a "very interesting cultural exchange.it is a good way to unite everyone and learn more about the Chinese culture," said Ana Lujan, a local resident.

(Editor:Liao Yifan) Share to Related Articles: BACK TO TOP China Government Foreign Affairs Local Sci & Tech Education Culture Environment World Asia & Pacific America Europe Middle East Africa Organization Business Economy Companies Industries Markets Policy Trade & Investment Statistics Opinion World Biz Life Society Odd News Travel Event Health Cuisine Book Sports Soccer Basketball Tennis Formula One Athletics Others Entertainment Celebrity Movie & TV Music Theater & Arts Fashion Beauty Pageant Markets Stocks Funds Bonds Currencies Commodities Listed Companies Industries Agriculture Aviation Auto Culture & Media Energy & Resources Financial Services Iron ore & Steel IT & Telecom Machinery Manufacturing Pharma & Food Real Estate Retailing Tourism Transport Insight Video Photo Special Coverage Edition: Chinese | BIG5 | Deutsch Link: About CE.Over 600 people, dressed in traditional costumes and carrying lanterns, paraded in music in the Madrid district of Usera -- home to the largest number of Chinese in Spain.

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