29 Jan, 2021 11:00 am

South Africa: Covid-19 Vaccine Free At Point of Service

No person, insured or uninsured, will be expected to pay when they access the COVID-19 vaccination.

This is according to Health Department Technical Adviser, Dr Aquina Thulare, who said 40 million South Africans need to be vaccinated in South Africa to ensure that the population has the immunity it needs to fight COVID-19, which has already claimed over 42 000 lives in the country.Thulare said the funding for the vaccine will be predominantly from the fiscus but "augmented" by private funding sources.Also, Thulare said government will also look at ways of recovering costs from insured patients." Businesses may also opt to contribute to ensuring that 'herd immunity' is achieved by covering a population of unemployed, for instance, said Thulare.

"So, vaccination will be free at the point of service," she said on Wednesday during a webinar on COVID-19 vaccination."The vaccine itself has been designated as a public good and will be delivered free at the point of care and delivery is based on the principles of social solidary so that we look after each other in our society," she explained.

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