TimesLIVE timeslive.co.za 25 Nov, 2021 04:45 am

Sonia Mbele says her alkaline water business will help others thirsty for success

Sonia says her business venture will not only improve the health of many people but could help them financially too.

The Ph balance of the water is 10-plus which means that it's alkaline to the maximum, we are pure to the maximum.Sonia says that it was not only important for her to tap into the market as a female entrepreneur but to also provide opportunities for others who have been affected by job losses brought on by Covid-19.“Because of job losses and unemployment, and the consistent water crisis we face in Africa, Alkamax came up with a solution to provide supercharge quality water at affordable prices.“Here's to a healthy lifestyle and drinking the right kind of water.

It is the kind of water that makes you feel vitalised.My grandfather was the biggest comrade in Ekurhuleni and helped people .

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