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‘Sniff test’ explained as Morrisons scraps milk 'use by' dates

‘Sniff test’ explained as Morrisons scraps milk 'use by' dates
Every year, UK farmers produce more than six billion litres of milk for our fridges.

Milk ‘use by’ dates will be scrapped by Morrisons, with consumers encouraged to do a sniff test after a ‘best before’ date passes (image: Shutterstock) Every year, UK farmers produce p for our fridges.The retailer will instead introduce ‘best before’ dates and will encourage consumers to use the sniff test.Morrisons’ announcement will impact 90% of its own-brand fresh milk (image: Morrisons) But how does a ‘best before’ date differ from a ‘use by’ one, what is the sniff test - and how exactly will these two measures help reduce milk waste?The sniff test is a method of preventing milk from being wasted by getting consumers to smell it before use.

it has separated and is lumpy), then it’s not right The FSA said the sniff test cannot be trusted because, while foods may look or smell fine after their use by date, they could still be contaminated.Generations before us have always used the sniff test - and I believe we can too.

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