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Sisters give birth 90 minutes apart

Sisters give birth 90 minutes apart
Two sisters gave birth 90 minutes apart after weathering lockdown pregnancies.

Carruth and Schille each found out they were pregnant in April, they told CNN, just as COVID-19 was locking down their state.It was especially emotional given the fact that they had lost their father to cancer in 2016, they told CNN.Having their kids together – Carruth’s second, and Schille’s first – felt like “his little gift to us,” Carruth told CNN.But that’s exactly what happened, as the two gave birth in adjoining hospital rooms, 90 minutes apart.

Because they live 20 minutes apart, they had formed a quarantine bubble and saw each other regularly.Sisters Ashley Carruth and Brittany Schille gave birth to two healthy baby boys just 90 minutes apart after weathering the nine months of pregnancy together.

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