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Sinara selects ICE Consolidated Feed for new ‘trading system in a box’

Bobsguide members enjoy: Unlimited access to all articles and the directory Access to all on-demand videos and live discussions Invitations to exclusive events and member-only forums Register for free Sign in Profile Products Announcements Sinara selects ICE Consolidated Feed for new ‘trading system in a box’ London, 14th April 2021: Sinara has selected a leading market data provider, ICE Data Services (“ICE”), as part of the company’s efforts to continue strengthening and enhancing its latest derivatives trading solution, SinaraTLC (Trade Life Cycle).ICE Consolidated Feed aggregates content from 600+ global sources, 300+ venues and across 23+ million investment instruments, and offers customers a low-latency solution with enhanced reference data services, derivatives chaining, continuous symbols, and normalized and local status fields.“Sinara continues to innovate and deliver to its clients tools and platforms that help streamline the trading process and we are glad ICE Consolidated Feed can complement their work.” To learn more about ICE Consolidated Feed, please visit: https://www.

“We have a long history of working with ICE, and the ICE Consolidated Feed in particular, which is already leveraged by Sinara’s established data distribution platform, so they were a natural partner for our newest product suite SinaraTLC.“Having access to consistent and reliable high-quality data that spans instruments and venues ultimately helps market participants make better decisions,” said Anthony Belcher, Head of Fixed Income and Data Services, EMEA at ICE.

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