fxstreet.com 02 Feb, 2021 07:00 am

Signs of stabilisation in equity markets

Signs of stabilisation in equity markets
Today, we get the advance release of the Euro area GDP figure for Q4. Given the lockdown we expect a grim reading, in the order of -1.5% q/q. In Denma

In Europe there is also ultra-long issuance as we have more long-dated issuance from Finland (30Y) and Belgium (50Y) coming up.Biden on Monday invited ten, mostly moderate, Republican senators in order to try to forge broader consensus for the stimulus plan.Following the meeting White House sources said that the President is likely to push through with the stimulus plan with or without the support of Republicans.US spending package: US President Joe Biden is taking on the first major legislative battle as he seeks to implement his USD 1.

Equities: Equities saw a clear rebound on Monday, taking all major indexes higher without any obvious trigger.Today's only event in Sweden is a parliamentary hearing of the Financial Stability Council about financial stability risks associated with the pandemic.

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