Stars and Stripes 31 Dec, 2020 00:15 am

Sidling up to my studly ShopVac

Sidling up to my studly ShopVac
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I love my ShopVac. Typically, my love affair with this handy appliance is most intimate during the post-holiday cleanup.

Wanting to get the whole ordeal over with, we settled on a particularly painful blue spruce that we found down in a gulch at the edge of the farmer’s property.Although this year’s fir has managed to die a slower death than that infamously sickly Blue Spruce, I will still seek the affectionate assistance of my beloved ShopVac once all the decorations have been taken down.There were needles on our clothes, on the top of our minivan, inside our minivan, on our driveway, on our sidewalk, in our kitchen, down our hallway, across our living room, and scattered on the floor under the bay window.When I begin the tedious task of taking the weary decorations down, a veritable minefield of dust bunnies, paper scraps, glitter, forgotten red and green M&Ms and, of course, pine needles is revealed.

Along with all the fuzz balls, dog hairs, candy cane bits, peanuts, tinsel, cookie crumbs and, yes, pine needles vacuumed up over the years, my ShopVac has sucked me in for good.Day after day, night after night, I faithfully rendezvoused with my beloved ShopVac until he found every needle in my haystack.

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