indianweekender.co.nz 26 May, 2023 06:00 am

Shouldn’t reward those who break rules: National’s Stanford on overstayers

Shouldn’t reward those who break rules: National’s Stanford on overstayers

” Immigration officials estimate about 14,000 people across New Zealand are currently overstaying beyond their visa terms.Stanford believes the Labour government’s focus should be on addressing critical labour shortages, supporting small businesses and making New Zealand an attractive destination for migrants worldwide.“The focus of the immigration minister should be on attracting skilled migrants to New Zealand to fill critical shortages, grow the economy, and lift incomes for everyone."Across nearly every visa category, processing times are significantly higher, making New Zealand less competitive internationally and causing needless bottlenecks.

When specifically asked if National would consider granting visas to migrants stuck offshore due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she said her party does recognise the significant impact on the migrant community, but “migrants can apply for an Accredited Employer Work Visa, which is the most straightforward pathway to attaining a visa and entering New Zealand".Lastly, to make New Zealand a globally sought-after destination for migrants, the National says it plans to repair the country's international reputation.

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