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Shortages Leading To Higher Flower Prices This Mother's Day

Shortages Leading To Higher Flower Prices This Mother's Day
From shortages to flowers, to employees having to pay more per hour, flower shops say customers will have to shell out more for flowers this Mother's Day.

In the motion, a copy of which was reviewed by The Daily Beast on Tuesday, Trump attorney Jesse Binnall argues that the lawsuit represents an attempt to “weaponize the federal court system in a political dispute” and use the courts to regulate “political speech.As The Daily Beast reported last week, Trump himself had recently told his advisers he wanted attacks on Waters to be heavily factored into the legal and messaging pushback against riot-related litigation.Trump cannot rely on the First Amendment to shield his unlawful conduct or to avoid being held accountable for it,” a Thompson spokesperson told The Daily Beast on Tuesday.Read more at The Daily Beast.

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