The Berkshire Edge 14 Jan, 2021 13:00 am

Shine a Light for Democracy

Shine a Light for Democracy
Light a candle, your phone, a flashlight. Stand at your front door, by a window, on the sidewalk, at your town hall. Inauguration Eve, Tuesday, January 19, for 15 minutes starting at 9 p.m. EST.

Encourage friends, family, neighbors, community.Facebook: #IlluminateDemocracy Twitter: #IlluminateDemocracy / @IlluminateDemoc Visit these links, join, invite your family and friends, and post something meaningful to you.As we honor our democracy, let us remember that it is always darkest before dawn.And let us remember what matters most: How we treat one another — and our beloved institutions.

Stand in silence, say a prayer, shout for joy — share what democracy means to you!We are hungry for something meaningful, and to honor and celebrate our democratic institutions together is precisely that.

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