Shetland News 30 Apr, 2021 15:00 am

Shetland News

Shetland News

All4Unity want to give rural business a seat at the table in government and to provide them with the statutory right to be consulted in legislation to avoid unintended adverse consequences that can occur when legislation, influenced by interest groups, about our environment is passed with no input from the gamekeepers, fishermen or farmers who have worked on land and sea for generations.All4Unity want to encourage the building of low cost starter homes and decentralise our health system bringing back much needed services like midwifery led units closer to the community.‘VOTE FOR THE UNIONIST PARTY MOST LIKELY TO WIN ON THE PURPLE BALLOT AND ALL4UNITY ON THE ORANGE BALLOT HELP SAVE OUR SCOTLAND’ Growing the economy All4Unity want to attract crucial investment to Scotland by ending the government’s obsession with a ‘Neverendum’.All4Unity want to create an environment that will encourage and attract our younger generations to cultivate the land and contribute to Scotland becoming self-sufficient in food production.

I would be proud to stand for the people of the Highlands and Islands and be a strong voice for them in the Scottish Parliament.For too long communities in the Highlands and Islands have not been listened to, marginalised or ignored.

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