11 Jun, 2021 18:00 am

Searching For Your Dream Job? Here’s Why It Pays To Learn A Foreign Language

Learning Chinese can get you a lucrative job as businesses across the world seek personnel with multi-language skills

employers acknowledged that they had either lost — or been unable to pursue — business opportunities, because their workforce lacked foreign language skills.The majority (56%) also felt that the foreign language needs have increased over the past 5 years, and will continue to do so.All the way back in 2014, a CBI/Pearson Education survey found an alarming shortage in foreign language speakers in the UK.A recent British Council survey on lockdown language learning suggested that many UK adults regret not having mastered a foreign language earlier in life.

Only 9% of respondents said they had kept up the foreign language they had learned at school, but 64% wished they had.That’s why we spoke to working professionals using a foreign language for day-to-day business.

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