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School attire, gyms, term limits and more

School attire, gyms, term limits and more
Schools must ‘code’ pandemic attire School dress codes regulate length of shorts and width of shoulder straps. And noncompliance brings penalties. In the Huntington school district, for example, dress

Kathy Hochul is going to try to impose term limits for politicians in New York ["Hochul wants term limits," News, Jan.Term limits may keep them honest, and they just might do the job they were elected to.Kathy Hochul’s term limits proposal.Term limits would significantly reduce the influence of these groups.

Apparently, public health during the worst pandemic in modern history is taken less seriously than the impact of a fleeting glimpse of a 14-year-old child’s collarbone ["Blakeman signs order on school masking," News, Jan.There is no regard for wearing masks in our gym in Lake Grove, or at the other locations ["Suffolk record for daily cases," News, Jan.

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