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Say Communications

Influencing positive behaviours and delivering change is what drives us, using thought leadership, education, social and professional engagement and compelling, channel-neutral narratives. In the evolving world of healthcare communications, we are a HYBRID, integrating PR with the best of other disciplines to engage at the macro and micro levels. - PMLiVE

RD (retired) – looks at some of the considerations and challenges of eating a plant-based diet to benefit the planet Power to the People: Why consultation is key for improved patient outcomes Meningitis Research Foundation has been working with Say Communications to help boost our public consultation on a Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis.Say Communications, London healthcare PR agency, discusses the latest technologies that will improve cancer survival rates in UK England may be losers, but is your health a winner?Healthcare PR agency Say Communications analyses whether headlines are able to trigger a behavioural change with regards to the vitamin D deficiency issue.The healthcare PR team at Say communications analyses the question posed by NHS Chief executive Simon Stevens.

Say Communications, healthcare PR agency, analyses the prospect of living to 150 years old, thanks to the anti-ageing biomedical research, and what PR will look like.Say Communications analyses the impact of sun safety campaigns in the news and on consumers Energy drinks and heart disease Say Communications analyses the link between energy drinks and heart disease and how the issue has been covered in the media.

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