Bullets Forever bulletsforever.com 14 Jan, 2021 13:00 am

Save the Season: Plan to Fix the Wiz

The season has started off terribly for the Wizards and a lot of folks are ready to give up on this roster. I can completely understand the sentiment, but I'm not ready to quit because IMO there's...

But meanwhile, the team should try to fix the roster with a move that will provide long term value and can elevate the team in the present.Troy would be the long term piece that could fit a youth movement for the Magic or help fill the void of the Bogdanovic injury for the Hawks.Deni is definitely the long term starter at SF, but it seems like that role might have to wait until Russ or Brad is gone.Neither Brooks nor the traded players look to have long term futures with the team.

Turner is on a long term deal as a major defensive upgrade at center and floor stretcher.Brooks has also taken forever to play a guy in Garrison Matthews, who obviously brings elements we need, isn't playing a guy like Bonga, who is our best perimeter defender, and isn't putting a guy like Troy Brown in position to be successful by putting the ball in his hands.

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