The Examiner 19 Dec, 2020 13:00 am

Sandy Turner

Sandy Turner
I'm not saying these aren't hard times, but if we hold tight to believing in the splendor of Christmas, maybe we could lift the gloom that is threatening to dampen our spirits.

I believe in miracles.Believe, and miracles will happen.While waiting for the magic of Christmas to begin, I noticed several mean ol' Scrooges desperately trying to steal it away from those of us who still believe.Dealing with a germ that won’t go away, it's beginning to look like we're going to have to go to extreme measures to keep the twinkle in Santa's eye.

When you believe, Christmas becomes a time of reflection and solitude, and the celebration goes way beyond listening for eight pairs of tiny hooves on the roof as it takes on a life of its own, swirling and curling through every aspect of living and it's the gift which will last all year long.Truly believing, with all my heart, in someone I can't see, hear or touch can be a rough and bumpy sleigh ride especially when it seems so many others have given up on the miracle who was born on Christmas Day.

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