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Ryan Stanton to succeed Roger Clayman at LI Federation of Labor

Ryan Stanton to succeed Roger Clayman at LI Federation of Labor
Ryan Stanton, a 33-year-old former Democratic political operative, has been named executive director of the Long Island Federation of Labor, succeeding Roger Clayman, who led the local organization fo

Clayman said that while union membership has been in decline, the movement stands to gain from rising worker discontent fanned by the pandemic." Amid heightened workloads and dangerous conditions during the pandemic, Clayman said many workers, both union and nonunion, are more willing to voice their demands for higher wages, benefits, and safety standards.Clayman said that upon stepping down as executive director, he will be working as a consultant for the labor group on the development of the new National Offshore Wind Training Center, along with the Nassau-Suffolk Building and Construction Trades Council and Suffolk County Community College."I feel totally confident that Ryan will provide great leadership for this federation, will push the programs forward and will be a really good voice for our issues," said Clayman.

Stanton said the role of unions goes beyond collective bargaining and the workplace.Among some of his goals in the new post, Stanton said, he plans to focus on projects such as expanding sewer infrastructure in Suffolk County, ensuring that those projects benefit working communities and bring them jobs.

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