29 Jan, 2021 10:45 am

Rwanda: The Disappearance of Half a Million Young People From Rwanda's Stats

Analysis - Analysis of Rwanda's survey data reveals interesting findings about the country's youth, including a mysterious anomaly.

But how are young people in the country actually doing?There is some variation between numbers of people in other age brackets too, but none nearly as significant as the 580,000 missing young people.Our own qualitative research suggests that young people in Rwanda face several difficulties in finding employment.Additionally, while policymakers encourage young people to become entrepreneurial citizens who take the initiative to create their own jobs, the reality is that few have sufficient access to capital to start a business.

The missing half million The above trends give an interesting insight into the situation facing young people in Rwanda, though they may not be fully accurate given that one-sixth of the 10-24-year-olds in the 2005/6 survey had disappeared by the 2016/7 report.What happened to those 580,000 young people?

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