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Robert Rodriguez made ‘We Can Be Heroes’ with his kids

Robert Rodriguez made ‘We Can Be Heroes’ with his kids
“I wanted it to feel like it came from the mind of a kid as much as possible,” Rodriguez, whose kids are all in their teens or 20s, told the Daily News. “The joke was that they wrote stuff that was so sophisticated, it was beyond what most adults or I could even do. It didn’t seem kid-like at all.”

" (Ryan Green/NETFLIX © 2020/Ryan Green/NETFLIX © 2020) “We Can Be Heroes” marks a return to the family genre for Rodriguez, who also directed the “Spy Kids” movies and 2005′s “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D.(Ryan Green/NETFLIX © 2020/Ryan Green/NETFLIX © 2020) The film also features Priyanka Chopra and Pedro Pascal in prominent roles, and brings back Sharkboy and Lavagirl, who are now parents to a rising hero named Guppy.Robert Rodriguez’s latest movie was a family affair.Robert Rodriguez on the set of "We Can Be Heroes.

“None have really been done with kids, so I thought it would be a really great way, like I did with the ‘Spy Kids’ movies, to give food for thought for kids,” Rodriguez explained.One of the central characters, played by YaYa Gosselin, is named Missy, which is Rhiannon’s nickname.

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