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Renewed thanks in a new year

Renewed thanks in a new year
What a difference a year makes. Last year, Thanksgiving was in many homes a sad affair, featuring small or lonely dinners, foregone turkeys, and Zoom calls with family stuck on their own. With vaccine

Long Islanders did what they could, chasing down tests, trying to keep their families safe.That means some Long Islanders still have cause to be leery.A quarter of a million people had already died in the United States, and officials urged us to stay close to home.And there were little victories in every masked hug or tin-foiled meal left on a doorstep.

With the contagious delta variant and the return of cold weather and loosened restrictions, new COVID cases are jumping once again in parts of the state where there are swaths of the unvaccinated.This year, most New Yorkers have been vaccinated, which offers significant protection against severe illness and hospitalization.

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