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Recognise the signs of stress in dogs

Recognise the signs of stress in dogs
Do you recognise when your dog is experiencing stress? Like us, a little amount of stress is beneficial to our dogs, but chronic stress is extremely bad for them physically, mentally, emotionally.

When a dog has a ‘reaction’ to an off-lead dog approaching them and making them feel scared the stress hormone Cortisol is released into their bloodstream along with Adrenaline and noradrenaline, so a huge cocktail of chemicals is released!That means in one walk if a dog is made to feel unsafe by an off-lead dog three or four times that is a huge amount for the body to deal with and they will take a long time to recover, the whole day in fact.If you have a happy go lucky dog that is allowed off lead, that is fantastic for you but, allowing your off-lead dog to approach an on-lead dog that is frightened is not only irresponsible as a dog owner, but it is rude.As an owner of a dog that is fearful, they are doing their best to give their dog the best life possible, they are minding their own business with their dog on lead.

As a dog owner you have a responsibility under the Dangerous Dog Act to be always in control of your dog in a public space, that is the law.I have been with clients with dogs on lead in a park and had off lead dogs approaching and, in some cases, harassing the on-lead dog.

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