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Real solutions for homelessness

Real solutions for homelessness
Over the last eight months, I have witnessed the astronomical need for support for homeless families and those on the cusp of homeness, and fear what the coming months will bring with the onset of colder weather.

People experiencing homelessness encounter myriad needs, and chief among them is access to health care.Those experiencing homelessness need continued funding for alternative spaces, including hotels, for immediate isolation.Yet the number of people experiencing homelessness and living in city shelters and on the streets over the past decade has risen by more than half.Today, more than 60,000 people, including almost 20,000 children, are experiencing homelessness in the five boroughs.

(Obtained by Daily News) A federal moratorium has been extended through the end of January and New York’s moratorium is being extended, but a legislative package approved by the state Legislature on Monday nevertheless will still leave hundreds of thousands of families are on the cusp of homelessness.Without that commitment, and tangible action, New York City will witness considerable need throughout the next decade, and likely beyond.

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