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Readers sound off on shutdowns, NYC Democrats and the Buffalo Bills

Readers sound off on shutdowns, NYC Democrats and the Buffalo Bills
Brooklyn: While COVID-19 remains a serious risk, the continuous work of health officials has enabled us to gain a better grasp of what we can do to prevent the virus from spreading. This has allowed many local businesses to use that knowledge to operate their stores in a way that protects customer and employee safety.

All season, the Daily News gives full-page spreads to the hapless Jets and Giants, while maybe one paragraph to the Bills.So, c’mon Voicers and Daily News, let’s get behind a winning team and have something to cheer for in the New Year.John Deichmeister Deadly diagnosis Bayside: I heartfully thank Mayuri Saxena and the Daily News for sharing the story of her battle with ALS (”Finding a way past disability,” Dec.Alan Berman The Daily News Flash Newsletter Weekdays You are now following this newsletter.

The latest research indicates that by implementing capacity limits rather than full shutdowns, for example, cities and states can keep the virus from spreading while protecting against the significant economic toll that earlier shutdowns had on people across New York.In case no one in New York has noticed, the best football team in New York is the Buffalo Bills.

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