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Readers sound off on election integrity, COVID restrictions and the NYPD

Readers sound off on election integrity, COVID restrictions and the NYPD
Manhattan: Voicer Carol Fuggio expressed concern about election fraud because she wasn’t asked to show proof in order to vote. I have been a poll worker since 2015. Both a Republican and a Democrat poll worker (called inspectors) must sit side-by-side at the sign-in table.

Provisional ballots are examined days later at the Board of Elections, where it will be determined if you are legit and your vote will either be accepted or challenged.Eva Kloot Voter verification Brooklyn: In response to Voicer Carol Fuggio’s inquiry about no voter ID: I am an employee of the NYC Board of Elections, called as a table inspector for every election held in New York.However, registered voters are asked for their address and are required to write their signature, which is compared to their digitally saved signature and address kept on record by the Board of Elections.” This is hugely and unfairly insulting to the city’s thousands of Orthodox Jews who have nothing to do with and are embarrassed by the irresponsible behavior of a single sect of Orthodox Jews.

Modern Orthodox Jews do not wear black coats and furry hats and are not congregating in large groups.In New York, in addition to some other states, we are prohibited from asking to see photo ID, as you already provided proof when you registered to vote.

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