18 Sep, 2020 10:30 am

Ratched Premiere Recap

Meet Mildred, a woman with a plan and a promise to keep.

On paper, it feels like the distillation of everything that fascinates creator Ryan Murphy.) Led by his favorite collaborator in the title role, Ratched feels like something that Murphy has been building to for years: the gore of AHS attached to a landmark character from film history, featuring, of course, many of his regular performers.Paulson’s style feels like a descendant of Gene Tierney’s wonderfully icy sociopath, another character whose own needs were all that mattered.It’s a striking sequence to launch the show, not only in how well made it is but in how much it pulls in the viewer with questions as to how this character and event will relate to the one we know from Ken Kesey’s book and Miloš Forman’s film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

First, she poisons a Father Murphy (reference to McMurphy from Cuckoo’s Nest?There are times in the series premiere, which Murphy directs, where Ratched really joins all of the Murphy themes and visual language into what looks like his most promising Netflix series yet.

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