yahoo.com 19 Mar, 2023 11:45 am

Rare bloom flowers again

Rare bloom flowers again
A "rare and unusual" cactus that flowers for one night only has bloomed again.

The flower usually comes out overnight and only lasts for 12 hours.The flower lasts only 12 hours before fading The flower's progress has been watched on a live webcam When it first flowered in 2021, it attracted the attention of about 500,000 people from around the world, who tuned in to a webcam to join the long wait during lockdown.Advertisement The flower bloomed at about 17:00 GMT on Saturday A rare Amazonian cactus has bloomed, but its beauty was short-lived as it starts to die after just 12 hours.It bloomed again at about 17:00 GMT on Saturday.

The moonflower, or Strophocactus wittii, is part of the collection at Cambridge University Botanic Garden.While the moonflower is not rare in the wild, it is rare in cultivation, a botanic garden spokesperson said.

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