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Racism, black lives and the testosterone paranoiaOpinion

Racism, black lives and the testosterone paranoiaOpinion
In Oakland California, in the white neighborhood of Piedmont, the only time in my life I was considered exotic, was during my first encounter

By then the testosterone fever of the white man over the presence of a young black man was yet to permeate all aspects of the Western Psyche.It took some years for the most reputable scientific journals of the world to consistently publish studies that show that the average black man had from 4 to 18 percent more testosterone than the average white man.At last, a scientific explanation has been obtained on why the black man has been sought throughout the history of humanity as a leading source of physical labor, from the construction of pyramids, roads and skyscrapers; mining, steel and vehicle manufacture; plantation slavery, and even as police, soldiers and mercenaries in world wars.Does the white policeman pull his gun on the black man due to testosterone deficit induced paranoia because he is convinced he stands no chance but defeat without it?

Under a superstructure of racism as a remnant of slavery, testosterone deficit becomes a source of paranoia fueling envy that ends with black genocide while the naturally high testosterone level in the black man in America, her full-fledged citizen, becomes a curse instead of an asset to the development of the American nation.At this time the Jim Crow Laws were set up to isolate and monitor the problematic black proletariat just as similar draconian apartheid laws were set up many years later in South Africa to contain and as of necessity use the black man with his testosterone endowment and unparalleled physical strength to build civilization, but keep him under inferior separate development, segregated living conditions, schools, buses, and other public utilities and periodically be applying their universal strategy of genocide as the mechanism to retain black servitude and control.

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