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Q&A With the Filmmakers of "Ukraine

Q&A With the Filmmakers of "Ukraine
The filmmakers of "Ukraine: Life Under Russia's Attack" discussed documenting the bombardment of Kharkiv and how residents coped with life underground.

August 2, 2022 by When Mani Yassir Benchelah and Patrick Tombola set out to film a documentary on Ukraine, in the days after Russia’s Feb.Director and producer Patrick Tombola (L) walking with Roman, a firefighter who appears in FRONTLINE’s documentary “Ukraine: Life Under Russia’s Attack.(Patrick Tombola) Tombola: It’s a fully reversible situation.” – Patrick Tombola And I want to emphasize any person, because, obviously, there’s a lot of criticism that because people in Ukraine are white and European, there’s more sentiment.

” (Mani Yassir Benchelah) Tombola: We met Roman, and then we followed him, and then one of his colleagues died in the fire.” – Mani Yassir Benchelah Other times there would be shelling, but we were following a specific character that was doing something important, and so we just said: “OK, it’s definitely worth it.

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