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PWDs shake off begging bowl mentality

PWDs shake off begging bowl mentality
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Rejoyce Sibanda, Chronicle Reporter SOME people living with disabilities in Bulawayo are shaking off the begging bowl mentality, selling different products in the city centre to sustain their families.Even though a majority of vendors in Bulawayo are operating illegally, street vendors living with disabilities said Bulawayo City Council does not raid them or treat them in any harsh manner.Some of the people living with disabilities sell items such as clothes, airtime and groceries, Others have opted to partake in self help projects such as growing their own vegetables and selling them in their communities or market places.Mrs Susan Menzi said members of the public are generally supportive when they see people living with disabilities trying to fend for themselves.

People with disabilities who are doing something in life refuse to be defined by the odds and that is proof that a disability is not a barrier.Some of the people with disabilities that Chronicle interviewed said they were empowered by the Jairos Jiri Association.

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