21 Sep, 2020 03:15 am

Putting an end to rape

Putting an end to rape
\In the face of the high-profile gang-rape a few days ago, different cultural, societal, institutional, and ideological debates surfaced. These have always been imbibed in Pakistan’s national...

These have always been imbibed in Pakistan’s national thought but as responses to such heinous criminal atrocity, these were not only unsuitable but also basically perpetuate the culture of rape.In nations, the culture of misogyny and toxic masculinity breeds rape culture.When you give a woman her rights given to her by the religion and the constitution, see a woman as an equal human being and not as an inferior being for your amusement or for power and control by dominating sexually, you halt rape culture.The objectification and sexualization of women aid the rape culture to stand upright.

It may be men’s idea of fun but normalization of these ideas and habits transform into a culture of rape.Until there is a change in how men perceive a woman, no punishment is capable of terminating the rape culture.

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