19 Sep, 2020 06:00 am

Proxy war vs emerging new world order

Proxy war vs emerging new world order
Global dynamics with respect to external political, economic and social factors have continued to test Pakistan’s resolve as a viable State. The country is passing through various intrigues...

On the other hand, Iran, Qatar and Turkey have their own agenda because of the recent developments against Saudi Arabia due to the new developments and this vendetta is increasing day by day.Prince Muhammad Bin Salman has not been able to get out of local troubles abroad because of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi case who was killed in Turkey where in Turkey has conducted full fledge investigations framing Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and his administration into this murder which will further create tension as the fly on wall says that Saudi Arabia was perhaps expecting Pakistan to help Saudis by using its influence on Turkey.Obviously Jamal Khashoggi was a US-based journalist and was under American protection and according to American law if a crime is committed in an alien land by an American then the law of that country has to prevail, hence Turkey had become more important for Iran and Qatar and more deadly against Saudi Arabia.Saudi Arabia has been experiencing disappointments from Pakistan starting from the refusal of Army deployment in Saudi Arabia against the Houthis and it looks that even our Army Representative General (R) Raheel Sharif is also feeling helpless in building Saudi-Pak relations having been reduced to an employee of Saudi govt.

Middle East including Saudi Arabia have certain fears from Iran, Turkey and Qatar due to their un-announced military alliance and this fear technology will be well used by USA at a given time.Qatar and Saudi Arabia already have their proxy wars through their respective lobbyists based in London, France and Washington which are doing good business by the combination of supply and disinformation.

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