World Socialist Web Site 26 Mar, 2021 03:30 am

Profits before lives: German government abandons “Easter pause”

Profits before lives: German government abandons “Easter pause”
Following a storm of criticism from representatives of big business, the German government withdrew the extension of the Easter holiday, which was never more than a symbolic measure to combat a growing wave of COVID-19 infections.

The ruling elite is determined to continue its “profit before lives” COVID-19 pandemic policy, which has already claimed over 75,000 lives in Germany alone, at any price.Under conditions of an escalation of the pandemic, threatening more lives than ever before, the ruling elite is moving to end all public health restrictions.” Merkel and the ruling elite know very well that this course is paving the way for a catastrophe.The reactionary goals being pursued by the ruling elite with their murderous reopening policies are obvious.

” While the ruling elite promotes vaccine nationalism and profit-making, only a mere 4.The original decision agreed by the conference of minister presidents and Chancellor Angela Merkel early on Tuesday to extend the Easter weekend by a single day was nothing more than a symbolic act.

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