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Pro-competition data sharing will not include users’ personal info, says minister

Pro-competition data sharing will not include users’ personal info, says minister
UK government proposals to improve competition in digital markets by making tech giants share data with smaller firms will not include consumers personal information, says digital minister

On 6 May 2022, the government announced that it would be giving the Digital Markets Unit (DMU) statutory powers to enforce a “pro-competition” regime under the upcoming Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill.Neil Ross, associate director for policy at TechUK – which represents more than 850 UK technology businesses – told Computer Weekly “that deciding to open up data from SMS firms would need to be appropriate to any anti-competitive practices that the Digital Markets Unit is seeking to address”.Setting up a new digital markets regulator was one of the recommendations of the March 2019 Furman report, Unlocking digital competition , which said a watchdog should be established with skills across technology, economics and behavioural sciences to lay out “the rules of the game” for companies in the sector.A later study by the Competition and Markets Authority in July 2020 found that a lack of competition throughout the UK’s digital markets was preventing consumers from accessing new services, as well as resulting in direct harm to smaller businesses.

” Read more about UK digital markets regulation Government claims proposals to reform the UK’s data protection regime will create a framework ‘focused on privacy outcomes rather than box-ticking’.A digital minister has said that the UK’s forthcoming digital markets legislation is ‘superior’ to similar efforts in the EU, but could not commit to a specific time frame for when it will be introduced to Parliament.

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