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Pottery colours tell a lot about power of empires: Study

Pottery colours tell a lot about power of empires: Study
Reports. They discovered that ceramics used in ceremonies were made by potters all over the Wari empire using the same rich black colour, demonstrating the empire's influence.

"People sometimes think of the Inka as the first big empire in South America, but the Wari came first," says Luis Muro Ynonan, the study's corresponding author and a research associate and former postdoctoral scientist at the Field Museum in Chicago."Since they didn't use writing, material culture -- things like pottery -- would have been an important means for conveying social and political messages," says Muro Ynonan."I remember seeing some of these Wari-influenced pots as an undergraduate archaeology student in Peru, they're fascinating," says Muro Ynonan." Muro Ynonan finally got to pursue his interest in pigment in-depth during his postdoctoral position at the Field Museum.

"Some of the sites, specifically in northern Peru, used a different recipe for black, using iron- and calcium-rich minerals before the Wari arrived, but after the Wari took over, they switched to the manganese-based recipes," says Muro Ynonan."In general, black minerals are relatively easy to obtain from the valleys we looked at," says Muro Ynonan.

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