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11 Jul, 2018 23:00
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Let the learning years begin: Every parent wants their child to have a positive start to their education so it's essential to find a school - whether primary or high school - that caters to your child's needs.

From primary school through to high school most children will spend about 13,000 hours at school, so the decision on what school to send them to is a very important one.

The Good Schools Guide says, “Without doubt, the best way to start the search is to give some thought to your child’s potential to succeed at different things and in different environments.”

They suggest you need to:

Get a clear picture of your child's interests, abilities and weak spots

Consider their academic strong points as well as their aptitudes in sport, art and other extracurricular areas

Then it’s a matter of finding the school that best caters to these requirements.

“I originally had my child enrolled into the school closest to our home, but then I discovered there was a huge number of children (over 160) starting that year,” she said.

“I did some searching around for other schools in the area and ended up enrolling him in a wonderful school that had smaller class sizes and a lovely school community.

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