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Political Expert Discusses Classified Documents - Erie News Now

Political Expert Discusses Classified Documents - Erie News Now
Dr. Jeff Bloodworth of Gannon University discusses the latest batch of classified documents and what Congress should do to prevent things like this from happening in the future.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is the latest government official with classified documents found in his home." As more classified documents were discovered in Former Vice President Pence's home, people may question how can such classified documents end up in homes and offices across the country.Bloodworth thinks that legislation needs to be passed about what constitutes as classified documents, "Then we can have meaningful legislation which has to say what really needs to be classified and what doesn't need to be classified and set out some real rules and real punishments, reasonable punishments.Bloodworth, "you don't need to handle these documents in a sloppy manner even if these classified documents don't deserve that kind of classification.

You could look at some documents and not others, obviously Pence and Biden had these documents as Vice Presidents and Biden's were as Vice President and not President, so they had high level of clearance."The excuse for having them like 'I'm working on my memoir as Vice President, I need access to these documents', okay, if they are top secret, they should go to a secure location, to which to view those.

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