19 Sep, 2020 20:00 am

Political Economy

Political Economy
One cannot say that everyone can work from home, nor can all work be done from home

As the lockdown here has eased and businesses are slowly opening with people being asked to attend office in person, there are mixed feelings and views on whether work from home is good or not.“If I am allowed to work from home, I save on commuting time and cost of fuel.” Ambreen, who works for a large media house, thinks that work from home is not for a woman, especially if she is a mother and lives in a joint family.Ghazala, herself a housewife, believes that mothers should work from home as in between work they can keep an eye on the children, who too are at home all day long, but men should go to the offices as when they are home they make a fuss about everything and hinder household chores by asking for tea or snacks at random hours.

“Women are already juggling home and work and these interruptions are welcome,” she says.While most women find it difficult to work from home, Aqsa thinks it is easier to manage both home and work when one is at home.

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