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Police called in to defuse pupils gang violence

Police called in to defuse pupils gang violence
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Thandeka Moyo-Ndlovu, Senior Reporter POLICE in Bulawayo were yesterday called to escort some pupils to prevent gang fights that characterise closing day at some schools.Learners at Sobukazi High in Mzilikazi and Msitheli in Mpopoma had to be escorted out of school premises by police who foiled planned gang fights and Vuzu parties around the city.“As Zimbabwe in Bulawayo we have been receiving messages from social media platforms that school children were planning gang fights, Vuzu parties and other hooliganism activities soon after closing for second term.She said exposure to social media and the internet was breeding a very disrespectful generation of youths who drink beer publicly while in school uniform.

“Children are getting all parental guidance from the internet and not so well behaved friends, on social media since parents are always working hard to get that extra dollar.He said police are on high alert and will arrest learners and residents engaging, planning or attending Vuzu parties during the holidays.

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