Stars and Stripes 18 Dec, 2020 07:30 am

Pocket-sized emergency checklist earns ovation for airman in Japan

Pocket-sized emergency checklist earns ovation for airman in Japan
Staff Sgt. Julia DaSilva got the idea for the pocket-sized checklist when she was taking a Basic Life Support refresher course and realized that a quick-reference tool could make critical medical knowledge more readily available.

Julia DaSilva, of the 35th Medical Group at Misawa Air Base, Japan, designed a pocket-sized card that lists first-aid fundamentals for easy access in a medical emergency.AIR FORCE An airman from Misawa Air Base has created an easy emergency checklist that earned recognition from the Air Force surgeon general and the American Red Cross., has a lead role in the air base’s response to the coronavirus pandemic as flight chief for the medical group’s COVID cell.“It was truly surprising as I had not heard anything about my idea for some months due to COVID-19,” DaSilva said in an email Thursday to Stars and Stripes.

“Anyone can use this card if they froze or were scared that they didn’t know what to do,” DaSilva said in a video posted on Misawa’s Facebook page Dec.“I can see people using this to save millions of lives,” DaSilva said in the news release.

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