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Plant-based LIFE diet ‘eliminated’ man’s migraines, research claims

Plant-based LIFE diet ‘eliminated’ man’s migraines, research claims
A man with “chronic migraines” managed to completely eliminate the painful events just by making a few simple changes to his diet, researchers have claimed.

Picture: iStock Six months to his initial consultation, his migraines became chronic and he was advised to follow the Low Inflammatory Foods Everyday (LIFE) diet, which is a nutrient-dense, dark green leafy vegetable-rich, whole food plant-based diet.Before starting the LIFE diet, the man’s diet had consisted of shredded wheat with soy milk or one slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter and four egg whites omelette for breakfast and a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole grain toast or tuna sandwich on whole grain toast for lunch.The LIFE diet consists of a lot of dark green leafy vegetables.Switching to the LIFE diet saw the patient dramatically increase his dark green leafy vegetable intake and reduce his animal protein consumption.

h4 Girl dies after being sent home with migraine Common ingredient found to cause cancer “After the three to six month period of challenging himself, he was migraine-free for seven years, and he stopped all of his migraine medications after month two of LIFE diet initiation.“Adherence to the diet was measured subjectively by the patient’s daily food diary and objectively by serum levels of betacarotene, which is found primarily in dark green leafy vegetables,” the research paper said.

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