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Pittsburgh's IAM Robotics just saw a round of layoffs, too

Pittsburgh's IAM Robotics just saw a round of layoffs, too
The news comes amid a string of tech company downsizing announcements, both locally and nationally.

Last week, IAM Robotics endured a round of layoffs that are reported to have impacted a significant portion of the Lawrenceville-based robotics company’s staff.“To all of the people at IAM Robotics that were let go today, I want to personally thank each of you for your help, effort and care for the company and team,” Galluzzo wrote.While the future is never guaranteed in the world of startups, in the case of IAM Robotics, the company still appears to be in business.Last summer, Seegrid, an autonomous mobile robotics company, reduced its staff by 90 positions.

“While regrettable, this decision was made in light of the global economic slowdown and to better position Seegrid, the leader in the mobile robot market, for long-term growth,” former CEO Jim Rock told Technical.“A failure is much more common than success,” Sean Sebastian, a partner at Black Tech Nation Ventures and Birchmere Ventures, told Technical.

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