08 Jan, 2021 20:30 am

Philanthropy Can’t Replace Our Broken Government, but It Can Help Rebuild It (Opinion)

A lawsuit brought by Karl Racine says the foundation's board shirked its responsibility by granting and loaning $244 million to the NRA from 2009 to 2019 without proper care for how the money would be used.The foundation's charter says it exists for “charitable, educational and scientific purposes,” but Racine says the foundation's trustees allowed some of its funds to be intermingled with the NRA's operating funds, which can used for "partisan political purposes.(Associated Press) A symbol of violent racism and nationalism in South Carolina will become a center for reconciliation, thanks to a friendship between a young, white college senior and an African-American preacher.Advocates Are Hopeful (NPR) Australian Agency Reviewing Data on Vatican Money Transfers (Associated Press) Foster Care Was Always Tough.

A free email with news, trends, and opinion articles about the nonprofit world, as well as links to our tools, resources, and webinars.Online Briefing How Grant Makers Can Foster Racial Equity Wes Moore, head of Robin Hood, and Edgar Villanueva, author of Decolonizing Wealth, share their thoughts on the steps grant makers, donors, and those outside the nonprofit world should take to ensure vital long-lasting change to significantly improves the lives of people of color.

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