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Pervez Khattak is our elder, party respects him

Pervez Khattak is our elder, party respects him
Energy minister says that he had neither spoken to Pervez Khattak nor had any argument with him

— APP ISLAMABAD: Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar, referring to Pervez Khattak's "heated argument" with Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Saturday said that "Pervez Khattak is our elder, the party respects him and he has every right to speak".Related items Khattak had raised the issue of gas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Prime Minister Imran Khan, upon which the prime minister asked me to give a briefing, which I did, Azhar explained.He added that the prime minister told Khattak that using data provided by the energy minister, a decision would be made in the national interest.Reports are rife on media about Khattak exchanging heated words with PM Imran Khan, as well as expressing displeasure at Azhar, during the party’s parliamentary meeting on Thursday.

However, in a statement, Khattak clarified that Imran Khan is his "leader" and he has no disagreements with him.Saturday Jan 15, 2022 Federal Minister of Energy Hammad Azhar speaking during a press conference.

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