Shetland News 30 Apr, 2021 10:15 am

Partition of the UK will end our ‘free to all’ NHS

Partition of the UK will end our ‘free to all’ NHS
I was born into the first generation to benefit from a National Health Service with the core principles that it meets the needs of everyone, and is free to all at the point of delivery. NHS Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government out of the block grant it gets as being...

Across the border in the Republic, access to their ‘two tier’ health care system is means tested.Only 30 per cent of the residents there have mainly free health care due to being in low pay or on welfare benefits; the rest of the population have to pay for medicine, GP services, hospital treatments etc.If Scotland breaks away from the UK then there will be a ‘health border’ with the rest of the UK and we, like the Irish, will have to pay for our health care.Today there is no ‘hard border’ between Northern Ireland and the Republic, but there is a very distinct ‘health border’.

Northern Ireland enjoys exactly the same NHS ‘free to all’ as the rest of the UK.Indeed, some cross the border into Northern Ireland for private treatment, which is in many cases cheaper than in the Republic.

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