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Pandemic lifts obscurity of NYC Sheriff Joseph Fucito

Pandemic lifts obscurity of NYC Sheriff Joseph Fucito
NYC Sheriff Joseph Fucito is not a newcomer. He’s worn the badge for the past six years, serving until now in a civil law-enforcement role that hasn’t carried the notoriety of the sheriffs of Wild West folklore

NEW YORK (AP) — Raids.It’s all been part of the job for the lawman tasked with enforcing New York City’s COVID-19 restrictions.The pandemic crackdown by the New York City Sheriff’s Office raises the question: Is there a new sheriff in a town that barely knew it had one?In recent months, the sheriff’s office has been the primary New York City agency enforcing the rules set up to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

[More New York] Zoom employee in China charged with shutting down U.video meetings commemorating Tiananmen Square massacre p Fucito’s force first stepped into the pandemic fray earlier this year while the New York City Police Department was busy grappling with massive street protests over the police killing of George Floyd and a spike in city shootings.

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