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Pakistan must acknowledge India's incredible economic growth

It is time for Pakistan's military, bureaucratic, political, business, and all others to turn the page on a broken, dysfunctional, and failed status quo and it must acknowledge India's incredible coming of age as a country, writes Mosharraf Zaidi in The News International.

18 trillion, said Zaidi.India has put on what I like to call 'big boy pants,' said Zaidi.The delusion of economic parity, if it ever existed, is beginning to corrode, while the economic growth story of India has only just begun, said Zaidi.The substantially larger economic entity that India will be in 2030 is fuelled by India's society, polity and economy today, said Zaidi.

Meanwhile, internal disquiet in Pakistan, including the unsustainable and unconstitutional interference of the military in civilian affairs, the incompetence of its policy elites, and its dysfunctional economic affairs, all merit a serious set of transformational reforms, said Zaidi.From being a country full of poor people, India is on its way to becoming a country with a lot of rich people, levelling up their entire economy in 2030.

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