World Socialist Web Site 31 Mar, 2021 01:15 am

Pakistan government allows new wave of COVID-19 pandemic to run rampant

Despite the gravity of the situation, Pakistan’s Islamist populist PTI government continues to adamantly rule out taking the social and public health measures necessary to prevent mass infections and deaths.

5 million of Pakistan’s 216 million people or less than 1.Vastly underestimated official figures show that 60 million people live in poverty, an increase of 10 million from prior to the pandemic.Yet, when the government announced an emergency assistance program, 139 million people applied for support.9 million people.

In 2014 an estimated 32 million people lived in slums in the nuclear-armed South Asian nation, a figure which must have increased substantially over the past seven years given the country’s rapid urbanization and population growth.However, for the vast majority of the impoverished Pakistani population, it is an entirely different story.

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